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This Court does not handle traffic, election, vital records or game and fish law violation cases. Lowndes County State Court handles traffic cases and game and fish law violations. Many Probate forms are available on the Georgia Probate Forms website.

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For the safety and protection of all, the Lowndes County Courthouse is a secured facility. All persons entering the courthouse and all packages, purses, briefcases brought into the courthouse are subject to being searched.

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Thrown off your wagon team in Cheyenne? We got your record too. Coming soon So we sued them -- and won!

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Litigation successful! Case filed August 24, , judgment rendered March 13, Over the same records set? After they lost to us last time? We're gonna change that. We fixed that. Of course, it helps if the city refuses to return your e-mails and calls until you take them to court. Washington PRA request filed with Dept. Fight back. Read about our pilot project that started it all.

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Nothing gets under the skin of government bureaucracy or large-scale genealogy corporations quite like Reclaim the Records, a group of genealogists-turned-activists who file Freedom of Information and Open Data requests to make government records published… Their dedication and endurance in filing lawsuits and cutting through red tape benefits us all. Most researchers in genealogy are not professionals; they are simply the curious family members, the designated relatives for keeping the family history. Take our Records Survey and tell us about them!

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Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is We Want Our Records Back. Marriage records for most Georgia counties except where records were destroyed by fire or other courthouse disaster are available on microfilm at the Georgia Archives. With few exceptions, post marriage records are not at the Georgia Archives. These records are available from the Probate Judge of the county where the marriage is recorded.