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Eligibility : Only specific offenses are eligible for criminal record expunction.

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You cannot get your record sealed if you have been found guilty of any of the following criminal offenses: assault, battery, arson, carrying a weapon whether concealed or open, unlawful use of destructive devices, negligent treatment of children, cruelty to animals, assault or battery on a law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency medical provider, or public transit employee, or unlawful possession or discharge of a weapon or firearm on school property. Effect: Criminal justice agencies can still access an expunged juvenile record if the purpose is to determine eligibility for various types of underage diversion programs, or if the record is needed for a criminal investigation, or when the subject of the record is seeking employment with a criminal justice agency.

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Otherwise, any access to the record is illegal, and the subject of the record may in effect deny having been arrested for the specific charge at issue. In addition, all materials made or received by an agency that pertain to their official business are accessible by the public. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains multiple criminal history information databases, and they process requests made by the public to access these histories.

A fee has been implemented for accessing criminal history record checks, and it must be paid each time a record check is requested whether it is approved or denied. Requests for criminal history records and arrest records can be made through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website. The ability status for an inmate to be bailed is also present, as well as their account balances if any apply. State issued background checks are also the responsibility of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

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Florida jail and inmate records are made available through the Florida Department of State. These records are available by county search as well as inmate name. The first and last name of the inmate is accessible, as well as the type of violation they have been charged with and where they were arrested. In most cases, the name of the arresting officer is also available. District maps, county voting systems and bureau of elections records. IRS information regarding your new business. Tax and business registration.

Tools to assist residents in selecting a new business location by researching economy facts and highlights, available transportation throughout the state, demographics and chamber of commerce. Florida State Employee Names and Contact Information Instant search of all government entities by employee name, county, school, subject, city, agency, keyword or phone number. Information revealed will show the employees organization, contact information, city and email address when available.

State of Florida Employee Salaries Search the anual base pay for various personel employed by the state government. Queries can be conducted base on staff member's name, agency or salary range information.

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Results will show employee type, last and first name, class title, state hire date and wheter employed part of full time. Website tools include data retrieval and free database downloads. Information includes the agency's name, date of effective retirement, total credit service years, initial and current annualized benefits being collected. Information about veteran's health care, claims, education, employment, housing and guides. Advocacy and representation from the FDVA helping to increase benefits and improvement to quality of life.

See details about any business with or without accreditation within the state. Open and closed complaints from past clients, overview of business practices and contact information.

Request and Research Veterans Military Service Records Search online for public access tools and help to obtain past military history. Archival databases from to present public searches. Find in person research venues by locating a facility nearby, access free databases on premises and archival catalogs for public use. Historical documents that interest veterans, twentieth century archived and modern service records.

Department of Veteran Affairs Services in Florida Look for one of the 25 veteran centers in the state, community health care services, medical centers and outpatient clinics, hospitals, programs, cemetery and grave site locator and other services from the federal government to Floridians that are and have served in the military.

National Resource Directory for Veterans and Families List of resources in Florida pertaining to benefits, compensation, education scholarships, GI bill, tuition assistance, apprenticeships, training, employment and more. Veteran job bank searches in all industries by location. Housing assistance for mortgages, loans, relocation, temporary housing search and access to other benefits listed by the organizations online.

Florida Department of Agriculture Licenses, Permits and Registrations State's agriculture department, division of licensing public access system.

Obtain mailing and physical address, companion licenses, license number, status and expiration date. Search an individual by name or by agency or school's name. Electronic public access system to searches and public record requests. Florida Department of Elder Affairs Background Screenings Screening process of applicants to work in the elderly care fields.

Guidance and documents necessary for public requests of an individual's history. Implementation of laws that effect the elderly. List of livescan vendor applicant and service providers with submission approval from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Administration, publications, questions about programs and applying for services. Florida State Senate Legislator Finder Online Directory Listings of state legislators' contact information, districts they're serving, boundary maps of senate, house and congressional districts.

Information about U. Legislators can be found by area, address or zip code. Census bureau. Factual data about the state of Florida's population and businesses. Research economic conditions, housing, employment, manufacturing and geographical facts. Information about individuals' income, household data, educational background and race. Taxes Required for Doing Business in Florida and Registration Lookup sales and use tax obligations, corporate income tax and new business requirements.

Access address and jurisdiction databases and current tax rates. Information regarding general sales tax, dealers, communication services tax, surtax and miscellaneous categories. Directory of industries and their related taxes from aircraft dealers to veterinarians. Information When Locating or Relocating a Business in Florida Location data interactive map revealing community qualities and characteristics. Available building site search. Enterprise zone locator.

Regional and data maps of industries, county profiles and infrastructure. Online research of an area using economic and statistical collected data. Rural Economic Development Associations and Organizations Finder Search for state, federal, public and private resources for rural areas. Lookup rural revolving loan programs, expedited permitting process, infrastructure fund grants, regional development and small business credit initiative. State government and agencies assist rural areas of critical concern from economic events or natural disasters.

Florida Electronic Library and Information Services Lookup books, authors, journal articles in education. Full access to three hundred journals updated daily. Web reference to world almanacs and teacher resources. Find answers to general search questions.

Online student resources of all grade levels K Florida Division of Library and Information Services Search for libraries with a map, partial or city name, grant projects or staffing personnel by name, city or keyword. Download library lists. Online database of data for and about state libraries. Lookup contact information, email address and personnel staffing, web addresses of Florida related organizations.

Florida State Government Document Depository Program List of state document depositories location and contact information. Public information access about Florida's state document depository Program.

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Find a database by title or subject under the categories of education, business, economics, genealogy, biography, health and medicine. Online publications from all state agencies. Florida League of Cities Data and Research Research information provided from the center for municipal research and innovation. Reported city revenues and expenditures from to , , and surveys.

Look into salaries, benefits, city and county performance indicators. Economic and social trends, and demographic data. Florida Attorney General Consumer Protection Directory Laws in regard to consumers and filing a complaint, fraud, scams and e-Service information.