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Aileen Robinson presented on the Safe Haven Act. Campus Police are now required to be a safe haven. Security does not have to do this. Aileen stressed that student employees are staff and should be trained in this new law. Next, Kevin with All Traffic Solutions presented on the various speed and messaging signs his company provides. Jennifer Timmons and Dr. Jennifer and Laura stated that they would be happy to help institutions with plans but they do not approve plans.

Emergency plans are not a mandatory issue but it would be a good idea to have a comprehensive plan in place for your institution. Senior members of the organization advised the whole group that failure to be ready for a critical incident will result in serious consequences after the incident.

Jennifer and Laura stressed that your emergency plan should be a living breathing document and be evaluated each year.

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Old Business: No old business to discuss. Meeting adjourned: President Young asked the group who would like to hold the next meeting on March 30, View Email. Verified by Psychology Today. I pride myself in providing an environment that helps to diminish stigma and normalize mental health. I feel that it is a privilege to work in this field and to be allowed into the lives of others. I have experience working in outpatient, inpatient, special education, residential treatment, substance abuse and domestic violence.

With my personal experience in mental health and professional training I feel I am able to help you on your path to healing. I work with all ages. I work with men, women, children and adolescents. My interest includes helping others achieve their dreams through learning to develop their Social and Emotional Intelligence. Sometimes, in life obstacles get in the way of a person being able to achieve their dreams and they often need help learning to better use their emotions and their social environments.

Because, dreams comes from change and change comes from dreams. Also, I've learned that it was okay to have different viewpoints and not be wrong, because it was that person's opinion or belief. I became interested in couples and families, because I've learned that there's a difference between being in a relationship and "just" being together with a person or persons.

Although it's a human need to want to be in a relationship, it's also a personal responsibility to learn how to be relationship material. Stephanie Ochoa MSW. I am an enthusiastic individual, eager to become a part of your support team! I am passionate about working with both individuals, couples, and children to promote positive personal growth. Working together during your tough situations, you will be able to strengthen skills that can be used during your day to day life.

I also offer bilingual services for those individuals or families that may prefer therapy in Spanish. I am simply here to help you learn about yourself and unlock your unique path. By working together, we can discover which obstacles are standing in your way and create a plan to overcome them. I know that when we work together to discover your path, your life will improve and you will find a new sense of freedom and empowerment. Additionally I am now an Illinois Supreme Court approved Divorce Mediator which provides me the opportunity to assist couples who are divorcing.

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Divorcing couples deserve to have a choice in divorcing with dignity while also not spending their children's college fund. I also provide couples counseling and DUI education. As a therapist, I am committed to working with clients to help them achieve their goals so they can enjoy healthy relationships and lifestyles. I have over 7 years of experience providing treatment to individuals from many different walks of life.

I have worked in a variety of clinical settings including inpatient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and residential programs. I have treated a variety of issues including: eating disorders, self injury, anxiety, depression, stress management, OCD, relationship issues, suicidal ideation, PTSD and trauma related issues. I believe in creating a supportive therapeutic relationship and working together in determining what the client's goals are for treatment.

Terry Lynn Mccormick PsyD. I have concentrations in group psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. The charges stemmed from Rapier's alleged sexual assault of his two stepdaughters. An inmate medical screening form was completed.

This form stated that Rapier was suicidal. According to Mike Downey, chief of corrections with the Kankakee County Sheriff's Department, Rapier informed the intake officer that he had previously attempted suicide. Rapier was placed in the special needs cell at the jail. This cell had previously been used as the "drunk tank" and was near the booking area of the jail.

Sheriff Timothy Bukowski, who was responsible for the operation of the jail, testified that sex offenders, inmates who may not be able to defend themselves and inmates who were considered at risk of suicide were considered "special needs" inmates and were placed in the special needs cell. The special needs cell was located in a corridor which had a lot of guard traffic and staff passing by the cell. There was a small observation window in the steel door to the special needs cell through which a guard could see into the cell.

The door and window were not visible from the booking area. However, there was a narrow gap on the side of the door which allowed guards to visually observe a small portion of the special needs cell from the booking area. Bukowski and Downey testified that it was the policy at the jail to check on inmates in the special needs cell every 15 minutes. At the time Rapier was being held in the special needs cell, there was no log which documented the checks made on the inmates in the special needs cell.

Gartner made a note of her visit with Rapier on his Medical Record. Gartner recorded that Rapier stated that he attempted suicide in Based upon Gartner's recommendation, Rapier remained in the special needs cell. Gartner called the Helen Wheeler Center the morning of March 26, , regarding setting up an appointment for Rapier. In , when the jail was built, it had a capacity of inmates.

However, on March 26, , because of the double bunking of cells and the use of other rooms at the jail to hold inmates, the inmate capacity of the jail was On March 26, , the total number of inmates at the jail was Seven officers were on duty that day. Kent Smith, a correctional officer, testified that he was working at the booking area of the jail on that day. He was the supervisor and was not assigned to any particular area of the jail. However, his primary location in the jail was in the booking area.

Officer Carnahan was the correctional officer assigned to the ground floor of the jail, which included the special needs cell. Carnahan left the floor around p.

At approximately p. Rapier asked Smith if he could have a shower and Smith told Rapier he was too busy.

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Smith stated that he could see Rapier's eyes and face through the gap on the side of the door to the special needs cell. Rapier was the only inmate in the special needs cell at that time. Smith testified that, approximately 15 to 20 minutes later, he went to the special needs cell because an investigator with the public defender's office was there to see Rapier.

Smith testified that he found Rapier hanging in his cell. Rapier had braided a rope using stuffing from his mattress and had secured it in the ceiling with a "stick" which looked like a piece of a wooden handle. Smith called for help and Randal Walling, the assistant chief of corrections, responded. Rapier did not have a pulse and was not breathing. Paramedics from the fire department arrived within a short time and attempted to revive Rapier.

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Rapier was pronounced dead at p. Rapier had used soap to write an apology to his family in his cell. Jail officials were unable to determine how Rapier obtained the stick he used to hang himself. Plaintiff alleged that the Defendants were liable under 42 U.

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Plaintiff alleged that the Defendants were deliberately indifferent to the risk of suicide by Rapier. On January 3, , the parties filed a Stipulation 22 which stated that Plaintiff voluntarily dismissed Defendants Bukowski, Downey, Walling and Smith. These Defendants were therefore terminated as parties to this case. The County argued that Plaintiff failed to establish an unconstitutional policy or practice on behalf of the County which can be said to be the proximate cause of Rapier's suicide.