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Integument, skeletal, muscle, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, along with examination of fins, rays, spines, operculum, mouth, gills, and the lateral line. Tidwell along with Dr. Rossi were also on his committee. The objective of this exercise is to provide a hands-on experience for each student to identify biological structures in live fish and interpret images obtained with ultrasound devices.

The lab began with a presentation by Dr. Novelo on the principles of ultrasound and the two devices to be used in the lab.

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Following the presentation, the class moved to the hatchery and set up to examine Channel catfish. Students were divided into two groups corresponding to the two ultrasound units. Each student had the opportunity to operate the probe and the controls of each ultrasound machine. Noel demonstrated each unit as needed. Ultrasound images were obtained with two ultrasound machine systems.

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Steve Mims' fish production facility in Midway, KY. The facility is located in Casey County, KY. Performing DNA extraction on nine strains of Nile tilapia. Once extracted, nine targeted microsatellite markers will be amplified with polymerase chain reaction PCR. PCR product will then be separated by capillary electrophoresis using the Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer to determine genetic heterogeneity of each strain and distances amongst strains.

He then traveled to Natal, Brazil to present the first half of an all-day long workshop on intensive shrimp farming. The workshop attracted over participants who were all highly engaged and gave highly positive reviews of the material. Ray also traveled across Northern Brazil, visiting a variety of shrimp farmers, all of which are intensifying their production and interested in learning about the research being conducted at KSU. Diane Murphy gave the complete tour of an impressive facility.

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The histology lab was of particular interest. She demonstrated the use of the microtome as she described the process of preparing a slide and featured each of the various automated devices.

This laboratory is a fine example of something our students cannot find on campus. It was very good for the students to hear of the way they identify each sample and recheck to see that records are in order in every step of the process. Perhaps some of the students will make better use of histology in their research. Fleckenstein successfully defended his thesis research on Wednesday, August 21, His committee members were Dr.

Ray, Dr. Rossi and Dr. The successful result is part of what the aquarium calls "Project Coral" -- a program designed in part with the goal of ultimately repopulating the Florida Reef Tract. The project works in partnership with London's Horniman Museum and Gardens to create coral spawn, or large egg deposits, in a lab.

Click Here For Full Article. The farm, co-managed by father-son pair Andre Faul Sr. They are researching three different methods to move water through the raceways.

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One method uses a one horsepower blower that uses air to move water. And also a slow rotation paddlewheel that uses 0.

The research will also evaluate power consumption, water flow, and back-up power supplies. This project funds travel expenses for researchers from Korea and the US to visit the respective partner institutions to form collaborative relationships, and funds some research initiatives at the partner institutions.

On his trip, Dr. Ray met with members of the Ministry of Fisheries, toured their research facilities, toured shrimp and flounder farms, and learned about the robust Korean aquaculture industry. Restaurants are increasingly featuring locally grown food. While locally grown vegetables and meat seem to be popular, locally grown fish could be another product option. This paper presents data related to the marketing of locally grown fish to independent restaurants in Kentucky and Ohio.

The results show that restaurants are interested in several types of locally-grown fish; however, their top choices were trout, hybrid striped bass, and catfish.

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Using the restaurants' stated willingness to pay as a guide, the sales of whole trout and catfish fillets could be profitable for local, small-scale farmers. The conference focused exclusively on issues relating to recirculating aquaculture systems. Fleckenstein and Mr. Tierney also gave presentations in the session. His talk will focus attention on the important role of aquaculture in providing future food supplies. Jim Tidwell. Noel Novelo is a Kentucky State University alumni. He became a doctoral candidate at Louisiana State University under the mentorship of Dr.

Terrence R. This research was on the use of crossbreeding and genetic sex regulation for identification and development of a fast-growing Nile Tilapia cross. The genetic gains in growth performance identified through this tilapia research, and the use of Nile tilapia as an alternative species, contribute to diversification efforts in Kentucky aquaculture and improvement of tilapia production in the USA.

He will serve as a State Extension Specialist in Aquaculture, and he will conduct research in fish genetics with a range of fish species. On April 22, Brandon Yocum stocked shrimp in his tanks for the first time. Yocum is a local farmer from Lawrenceburg, KY, and has spent the last several months setting up his indoor shrimp systems with the help of Dr.

Yocum is also the recipient of a KSU Small Farm Grant and used the funding to purchase the materials to build his shrimp tanks. Yocum's initial production goals are pounds of shrimp produced per month with plans to expand to pounds a month. Jim Tidwell, author of the book Largemouth Bass Aquaculture , which is published by 5m books in April, explains the appeal of a species whose growth is taking off both in China and the US. The Triennial meeting is the largest aquaculture conference and trade show in the world with nearly 4, attendees from more than 90 countries.

Tidwell started his career at Kentucky State University on August 1, He was instrumental in starting the Aquaculture Graduate Program in and making the program one of the top-five aquaculture programs in the United States. His leadership and knowledge have helped the growth of aquaculture in Kentucky, the United States and beyond. Congratulations Dr. James Tidwell! Assistantships are typically funded through grants from state and federal agencies and are awarded only after a student has been academically accepted into the program.

Additionally, a student should be able to verify that academic aid is essential to engage in graduate studies and that they are academically deserving. Academic acceptance does not guarantee an assistantship will be available. Students granted graduate assistantships are required to assist with activities relevant to the grant objectives for 20 hours per week while attending classes and full-time during the summer term.

Compensation package includes a competitive stipend, opportunities to travel to and present research at professional meetings, and engage in a range of hands-on learning opportunities. Jim Tidwell, Kentucky State University's Division of Aquaculture Chair, discusses the role that aquaculture will play in the future in providing food supplies, given that the oceans are overfished and the population is expanding dramatically. October 27, Stephen S. Simpson P. Roger T. Jones III, Ph. Jamie Hall Executive. Log in Registration.

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