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The divorce process begins when one spouse files a petition for divorce with their local court. The petition provides the court with important and relevant information. This includes the full names of each spouse and any children they share, the date of the marriage, and the reason for the divorce.

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Grounds for Divorce: California is a no-fault divorce state. Instead, they can simply say that irreconcilable differences prevent them from continuing their relationship. Alternatively, spouses can file for divorce on the grounds of insanity. These may concern things like child custody arrangements, child support, or alimony.

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Temporary orders are only valid for the duration of the divorce process. Permanent agreements will become effective once the divorce is finalized. Process of Service: In most cases, the petitioner will have a neutral third party over the age of 18 to deliver copies of the Petition, Summons, and other divorce papers directly to the respondent. Once the papers have been served, the process server must sign a Proof of Service of Summons. This document must be filed with the court in order for the divorce process to be official. Once service is complete the non-filing spouse will have 30 days to respond to the divorce papers.

How this part of the divorce unfolds will generally depend on whether spouses have a contested or uncontested divorce.

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Contested Divorce: Spouses disagree about some or all of the terms of their divorce. This may include disputes about how property should be divided or who gets custody of the kids. Uncontested Divorce: Spouses agree on all of the terms of their divorce. When this happens, the respondent can either ignore the divorce summons or file a response in which they agree to the terms. If the respondent ignores the divorce papers or chooses not to respond, the divorce will be considered a default. In a default, the request for the divorce and the terms proposed by the petitioner will be granted.

The respondent will have lost his or her right to contest any elements of the divorce. While it is possible for spouses to agree on all aspects of the divorce from the very beginning, it is not particularly common. Most divorces are contested. It would be best to speak to the petitioner to understand what the issues are in this divorce. Normally, once the respondent files a response, the option is an agreement or a trial.

You may call us to see if we can help you at a reasonable cost She wants to file for divorce and I believe the spouse has agreed that she go ahead with it. They have no properties in the US nor in the Philippines. The spouse signed the petition but he did not provide tax statements. The way divorce works when a spouse lives in a foreign country that is a Hague Convention Country like the Philippines is that the spouse would be served with an agreement which he would sign and notarize. Typically our courts can approve this type of service.

Please have her call us to explain My husband filed divorce petition on 31 august He lives in califronia and I live in New york. But my husband doesnt know my address or where I live. Also i have never been served by him through email or any pther contact. What if he never serve my with paper? How will that divorce proceed?

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Gauri: A proof of service is required by the court and that date is actually the start of the divorce so, without a proof of service the divorce cannot proceed. If you have this, we can check online to see what has happened with your case. If you wish, you may call us My spouse the petitioner marked 9 a and 10 a on FL However, when she moved out she took all of the community property of value e.

I filed a response and have a court date for Feb.

Can I demand that she return all of the community property to me? Did she forfeit these assets by marking those boxes? Often times these items are simply divided between the parties. The judge will make a decision as to how to handle the personal items based on testimony. Hello My spouse is not giving a location so I can serve him papers and also fill out the papers online.

What do I do in this case to get the process started if he is not giving me an address? If we find him…he gets served. Please call us to discuss further. No forwarding address only pass due bills. We have community property after 31 years of marriage. I, with my mediator, have tried to make contact with her but no reply. Her petition was singed first, I responded as required within 30 days. Is there a way I can move this divorce forward? A trial is one way to finalize the divorce when the parties do not agree or cooperate. We may be able to help with your case. Is this excuse normal?

NO FL was ever filed by her but I sent mine to the mediator for filing. Does she have to disclose all that info? This is common…her inheritance is only hers as long as you did not also inherit and she did not place money or property in both you and her names. I filed back in , and was initially granted a default judgement. However, this was rejected 3 mo later due to missing forms, and clarification needed from the county child support division.

Once this was submitted, the judgement was again returned alleging the orders are different than initially requested in petition. The children are all over 18, there was no property at the time we separated, only I have worked since Feb.

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As the default judgment was rejected after it was initially granted, can I just start over? If so, I will likely be unable to have him served again in person, so what if he refuses to sign for certified mail? Connie: Was this in a court in California?

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  8. Typically the courts dismiss the divorce after 5 years. Your first task is to go to the court and see if the case is still open. If it is dismissed, you will have to start all over. Service in another state can be done by a process server. Hello, I got a lawyer and filed for divorce in and served my husband the divorce papers.

    He signed for them and got his own lawyer. Unfortunately My lawyer sucks and his was terrible as well. I still have my lawyer, just no communication and my husband fired the one had. He is active duty military. What needs to happen now and if we need to go face to face with a judge, does he have any advantage in the military?

    Also, I no longer want to use my current lawyer going forward. Due to my husband being in the military, is it in my best interest to pursue getting another lawyer? Yes, it would be best to get another lawyer as it appears that you will need to go to trial to address his retirement fund etc. It sounds like you should request a trial date.

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    Once you do that you will go to a trial setting conference. So my former spouse could set me up 4 a crime i did not commit file for divorce knowing im in jail and rob me of my life? Melanie: If your spouse files for divorce, you will need to be served. Can bankruptcy in Calif protect the house in the divorce and from immediate liquidation sale.

    When bankruptcy is controlled by the court how can there be a forced sales of assets. Howard: A default can be set aside with a motion motion to set aside providing you have not waited too long to do it. It would be best to speak with a bankruptcy attorney regarding the home and your options as this is a complicated situation. Hello, please help me. I am having bad custody and divorce battle with my abusive husband.

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    I filed for divorce but did not continue based on my financial situation and no attorney. In settlement conference he had a attorney but not me. He brings up many untruthful stuff to scared me to just give Trial. I had no power to go by my self to the Trial and fight for my rights.

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    Can I still appeal or change what I agreed in Settlement conference? Thank you for your answer.

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    Emily: It sounds like you need legal advice.